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What is Hypno yoga?

Do you want to de stress and become more awake and aware?  


Most of us are living life in a hypnotised state, carrying out unconscious behaviours every minute, repeatedly.  This hypnotism began at birth and carries on throughout life.  All our life experiences have distorted the lens that we see life through, and we are constantly, unconsciously re affirming what we see to be true with our thinking and self-talk.  

Are you aware of how you talk to yourself?  Do you know you constantly talk to yourself, all day long and most of what you’re saying to yourself is negative.  This self-talk is hypnotising and is constantly re affirming your current situation and will hold you there, if you let it, stuck forever.  

Yoga is the perfect way to prepare the body for deep relaxation.  When we are deeply relaxed, we can access the subconscious.  The Kundalini yoga set is followed by a personalised Yoga Nidra, tailored to your needs. Yoga Nidra takes you effortlessly into a harmonious state of restful being.  In this state deep healing and transformation can occur. We finish with sound therapy to deepen the relaxation and rest in the meditative state, allowing integration and deep healing. 



Physical relaxation plays a key role in the de-hypnotisation process. Our currently held beliefs, whether good or bad, true or false, were formed without effort, with no sense of strain, and without the exercise of “willpower.” Our habits, whether good or bad, were formed in the same way. It follows that we must employ the same process in forming new beliefs, or new habits—that is, in a relaxed condition.


*Maxwell Maltz 

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Alayne Seymour

"Having started online during lockdown and then progressed to the Wells Saturday morning sessions, evenings at Ringstead and now the Syderstone classes the format is great. Warm up, breathing practices main set, and relaxation. Every session is different and delivered very professionally in a calm supportive gentle coaxing manner. I would recommend this experience to everyone looking to improve their wellbeing."

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