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Surrender and letting go

Have you struggled with how to let go of stuff, especially when that stuff involves someone or something you really care about? All the books I’ve read teach that surrender is the way, just let it go, but How? Yoga and breath work naturally help us to let go. By holding posture and challenging our bodies we help ourselves to reach the state of surrender - letting go.

Surrender is that deeply relaxed state we feel between postures - this is when we are able to let go of our stuff, our baggage. This baggage in yoga is called Samskara’s, when we let go of our negative samskara’s we make space, space for something new. In this state don’t think, just feel what is going on inside you, hear your heart beat and let your body do the rest - this is where the magic happens - between the postures - this is where we listen deeply to raise our awareness and develop our intuition

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