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Updated: Apr 21, 2022

As we become more aware from practicing yoga we often start to look at our diet, what we are eating and what we are drinking. Developing our awareness makes us see the impact the food we eat is having on our bodies and our minds but, did you know that you could be doing everything right, eating all the right foods and practicing yoga every day but if you are still attached to negative thoughts you might still feel lacking in energy. Our thoughts have such a huge impact on how we feel and often we don’t realize that it’s the thinking/feeling loop we all fall into that is dragging us down. When we think a thought, that thought creates an emotion. If the emotion is a low one, anger, resentment, guilt, our bodies respond by releasing a cocktail of hormones and chemicals as they would do if we were actually experiencing that thought for real - our mind doesn’t know the difference between a thought and a real-life experience! Have you ever noticed how after a bad day, maybe a day of low mood where you were stuck in your head or someone annoyed you, you feel drained of energy and cloudy? This is often because our body is full of these toxic hormones/chemicals that our thinking feeling loop has created. Developing awareness helps us become aware of these thoughts and question them. Did you know a massive 80% of our thoughts are negative? We are either stuck in past events or worrying about the future. Awareness is presence and presence is being in the now, always bringing yourself back to now, this moment, and letting life happen.

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