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Map of consciousness

During our Yoga sessions I talk a lot about raising our energy up to the higher centres/ chakras. We have 7 main energy centres in our bodies – 3 in the lower body and 4 in the upper body.

The lower 3 energy centres are all about safety, security and survival. The upper 4 centres are about trust, love and living a joyful life. By practicing yoga and breath work we are pulling this Kundalini energy, our ultimate life force, out of the fear based lower 3 chakras and into our heart centre and above. If you have a block in the lower chakra area this can show up in your life as being stuck in a rut, maybe stuck in a job you dislike or a relationship that isn’t right but you are too fearful to move on. By raising the kundalini energy out of the lower centres we are raising our consciousness and awareness. On the map of consciousness below you can see all the emotions linked with where we are in consciousness, where are you? When we raise ourselves up to the level of 200 – Courage, we start to make better choices led by our hearts.

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