• Gail Hannay

My hormone and menopause story....

I feel I am having an amazingly easy menopause!

I have NO menopause symptoms. I sleep like a baby for 8 hours every night, I have more energy than I had in my twenties, I have no sweats, no brain fog, no weight gain - yes, I am having an easy menopause but, it’s not because I’m one of the lucky ones!

I have been on a hormone rollercoaster since my mid thirties, suffering with the most horrendous pms you can imagine. Back then I had never been to a yoga class! I drank wine every night, smoked and ate an unhealthy diet. I tried every pill that was offered to me to cure my pms but nothing worked. I even paid an extortionate amount of money to see a private gynaecologist in Harley Street who gave me HRT - it didn’t work, it made me feel worse. I slathered so much oestrogen on my skin that I eventually sent myself into a mini breakdown. I was offered a full hysterectomy to “cure” my hormone imbalance. My wake up call came when I Googled the side effects of the chemical menopause injections I would have to have before I was able to have the full hysterectomy. I realised there was no magic pill, no magical energy healing - I had to change my lifestyle.

So many women are suffering with menopause symptoms and they can be debilitating, making life miserable.

There isn’t enough information and advice freely available to us. I learnt from my battle with hormones over the years that nothing outside of me was going to take it all away, only I had the power to do that.

I was at a particularly low point on a holiday suffering from debilitating anxiety when I made a firm statement to myself that I was not going to live like this anymore. I began cycling as often as I could and then, I found Kundalini Yoga - I was hooked immedietly. Did Kundalini yoga balance my hormones and stop all of the debilitating symptoms I was having? No and Yes. Kundalini Yoga is a practice that raises your awareness, your consciousness. When you are more aware you make better choices. All of my bad habits gradually fell away, without effort. It felt like a natural process, my old lifestyle did not fit with who I was becoming.

Whilst I feel like I am having an amazingly easy menopause I often need to make changes, I add things in and take things out. I started to have hot flashes last year, they came on very suddenly and were very frequent! A friend recommended sage tea or supplements which I quickly ordered and the hot flashes went as quickly as they came! I noticed this year that cheese doesn’t agree with me anymore, it gives me brain fog and headaches and makes me feel generally unwell so most dairy has gone and so have the symptoms.

Finding your balance during menopause and peri menopause takes work - it’s a careful balancing act that requires a strong commitment to yourself. Raising awareness is the key - the rest follows naturally.

I will be holding Menopause workshops next Year and will be posting dates soon!

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