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Anxiety and change

There are aspects of change that I love and aspects that I hate. Most of us are thrown into turmoil when life suddenly takes us in a different direction to the predicable path that we were travelling down. When life throws me a curve ball I can spend my day on a rollercoaster ride of excitement of what this new path is going to bring and absolute terror of where this unpredicable path is going to take me. This rollercoaster of emotions can have a real, physical effect on my body, raised heart rate, feeling wired but drained of energy, upset stomach and headaches.

Life is unpredictable, the saying that the only certainty in life is change is so true so we have to find a way to find some comfort/relief when life gets uncomfortable. Awareness really is the foundational key to managing the ups and downs of life. When we develop awareness we feel and notice these emotions as soon as they begin to activate inside of us - you don’t need to name them, just notice that they are there and allow them to be there until they burn out, which they always do. The allowing part is the uncomfortable bit because we don’t want to feel them, we want to push them away or repress them - stuff them down. The trouble is if we push them away they will keep coming back, keeping us on this never ending roller coaster ride. Yoga teaches us that these uncomfortable feelings are just imprints left on our soul from previous traumas that we haven’t released and when life gets uncomfortable these imprints/blocked energies are activated once again. In classes I teach how to raise your awareness, to notice and, how to Relax and Release stagnant energy. Join me and learn a few simple techniques that will help you to navigate change and ease the anxiety it brings.

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