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Did you know practicing Kundalini Yoga will help you balance your hormones and navigate Menopause?

When we women hit our 40’s our bodies begin to change and become unpredictable. The old reliable 28ish day pattern begins to change and so does our mood and our energy

I suffered for years with hormone imbalance that severley impacted my life, leaving me feeling completely drained of energy and depressed for half of the month. This is what bought me to Kundalini Yoga. I committed to the practice straight away and it has changed my life!

Our bodies are naturally always seeking balance but life can be so up and down, throwing us constantly out of balance - but we don’t have to live like this, being a victim to our hormones. We can take back control of our body and mind and learn how to self regulate. Kundalini Yoga uses dynamique movement, targeting specific areas of the body along with powerful breath work which has an instant impact on how you feel. If you commit to a regular practice you will build on this feeling of wellbeing as you bring your endocrine system into balance. You will raise your awareness at the same time and bring you heart and brain into coherence helping you to navigate the stresses of everyday life and stay balanced both physically and mentally.

Come along and try a class at Ingoldisthorpe on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Ringstead on Wednesday evening.

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